Sunday, March 20, 2016

The American Life 562/563

"Separate and Unequal" by: Bob Herbert 
Extended comments

This week I chose to use Kate’s post as the center of my post.

Kate started her blog off with a few vocabulary words and their definitions, I believe that this is a great way to start off a blog because it showed that you learned some new words to use in conversations and that you had to do a little research on the topic and its meaning. 

The first quote she used was "One mother asked why residents did not get to vote on letting in Normandy kids..." -562 

I agree with her that when I heard this piece I was reminded of Kozol and his institution/individual acts. The example she uses about Mott have and comparing it to the radio broadcast I agree have the same issue, the lower class did not have a say in if they wanted something or not. The idea of segregation is still around, there are people who think they have the more rights and power than someone else. 

The next quote she used was " crazy white kids are or how much freedom they get to be crazy." -563

This quote reminded me of SCHWAAMP, and how in today’s culture we value whiteness. Like Kate said, we associate having a good time to being white such as “white wasted”. The example of how the students of the college flashed their butts at the opposing team to taunt the is a perfect fit for how being white is valued. No one questioned the act because they were white, if they were of a different race there would of been a fight. 

Points to share:

I agree with Kate about how the two radio shows and the article by Bob Herbert having a lot of great connections to the text we have done in class. I can also relate to there being a lot of Johnson in the radio shows, such as how “we wont talk about it (race)”, and how Kiana wasn’t afraid to question the white privilege and say the words. She stepped up and asked questions along to admitting to feelings and talking about things.


  1. great use of using someone else's ost and turning it into your own by making connections to SCWAAMP and individual vs institutional and how it all comes back to being about how whiteness is valued. Good points to discuss and including Johnson of say the words.

  2. You did a great job of making connections from the listening pieces and the reading to SCWAAMP. You did an excellent job of taking someone else's post and working in to your own!!

  3. Kelsey, nice job! The image that you chose to include is extremely powerful. It is also symbolic. It shows how positive integration can be in bringing different races together. Great explanation and connections to quotes!