Sunday, April 17, 2016

Empowering Education

Ira Shore 
Extended Comments 

This week I decided to use Carlene’s blog because I made the same connections to the quotes that she chose. The article by Shor mainly talks about education in school systems and how students should feel challenged in the classroom but also have the opportunity to question what they are being taught. 

The first quote Carlene used is A curriculum that does not challenge the standard syllabus and conditions in society informs students that knowledge and the world are fixed and are fine the way they are, with no role for students to play in transforming them, and no need for change” (page 12).  This is where Shor makes the main point of students being challenged in order to learn and grow. If there is no creativity or thought behind the curriculum then children will not be able to express or create their own thoughts and opinions. I also believe this goes along with Johnson’s article and how people show acknowledge the problem and “say the words”. 

I also agree that this article related to Finn’s reading and Anyon’s study of the different social classes. The quote by Shor “Students learn that education is something to put up with, to tolerate as best they can, to obey, or to resist” (page 26) explains if there is no student participation with the teaching then education is seen as something to get through. Finn would say working class schools with no collaboration from the students, the dominant theme was resistance. Shor would argue that in order for students to get the most out of their education they need to be able to work with their teachers instead of rebelling against them. 

Points to share:

I really enjoyed this reading it brought up many great points and made a lot of connections to previous readings. I agree with what Carlene had to say while explaining the quotes. Just like Ariana I thought Shor was a woman until I googled the name as well and was surprised to see he was a 70 year old man.... 


  1. Great blog Kelsey! I really liked the picture you used. The way children are educated makes a big difference in how the rest of their life plays out. We have the ability to ensure that the next generation is living to their fullest potential.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post Kelsey because I connected to authors in mine as well and did not use Finn so this definitely helped me make that connection. I love the quote in your picture as well. Good job!

  3. I really liked your connections, along with the picture you used. I have seen that quote before by Nelson Mandela, and I think it goes with this article perfectly!

  4. Great Post Kelsey. I didn't even make the connection to Finn until I came by it in your post. I also really liked your picture because that quote is a strong one. Education goes a long way and with it , you have to power to make a difference.